Janszoon - A simple GPS client for the Palm


The intention is to create a simple interface to a SiRF based MiTAC MGS-110 GPS that Software and Stuff were/are selling. It's far from the best unit - it takes forever (>10m) to get a lock some days, but it is cheap.

I currently have a simple client that will parse most of the SiRF protocol and display lat, long, speed, average speed, total distance, and time. I'm not happy with the layout or structure, but that will improve.

Part of the intention is to abstract out the GPS and hardware layers to make the hardware and GPS protocol transparent to the UI.


As at 21/4/2001 I'm going to put Janszoon on the back burner to do some work on sdcc. Janszoon already does most of what I want, namely show your track, current position, speed, and heading so this is a good time to wind things down.

Screen shots

Route form showing a test pattern
The main route form.



See the Sourceforge download page.. Source and binaries for Palm are available.


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